CUTV News Radio spotlights Phyllis Quinlan of MFW Consultants



Flushing, NY – There’s an old saying among nurses: “Doctors don’t save your life. Nurses do.” Spend any amount of time in a hospital and this becomes immediately clear; it’s the hard work and dedication of committed, compassionate nurses who restore you to good health and return you home to your family.

People who choose to become professional caregivers were called to it. It requires a compassionate soul. So what happens when it becomes just another job and you dread going to work on Monday?

Quinlan is a nurse with over 40 years of experience and the founder of MFW Consultants, a coaching practice to help nurses overcome compassion fatigue.

“Compassion fatigue is an insidious process; it is the slow erosion of your compassionate nature.,” explains Quinlan. “Over time, the reason you chose to become a caregiver becomes very remote until you can no longer connect with the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. It leaves you with an inability to derive any satisfaction or joy from caring.”

Quinlan says while it is possible to recover from compassion fatigue, it takes work. The most effective way to overcome compassion fatigue, she says, is to develop the four competencies of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

“If you’re in healthcare, even if you’re in housekeeping or the kitchen, you’re a caregiver, and everyone in healthcare can benefit from the skills of emotional intelligence,” says Quinlan. “When your intention and action are realigned, the emotional connection to your work is restored. It’s a transformational process.”

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