New Book: Rediscover the Joy of Being A Nurse by Phyllis S. Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC

From the author of The Delicate Balance A Mindful Approach for Self-Care for Professional and Family Caregivers

Rediscover the Joy of Being a Nurse

A Holistic Approach to Recovery From Compassion Fatigue

 By Phyllis S. Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC

I’ve conducted numerous coaching sessions both privately and at conferences around the country. I am struck by the number of seasoned nurses in true pain. Many no longer seem to have the same sense of mission or derive the same sense of satisfaction from rendering care as they once did. A growing apathy has steadily replaced their empathy and practicing nursing has become more and more of an effort for them.

These nurses verbalize a desire or need to distance themselves from patients, family members and, to some degree, other professional caregivers. All these nurses would cite the personal discovery that they had had enough as part of their motivation. They could no longer find the energy to continue on their present career course.

Does this describe how you or someone you know is feeling about practicing the profession of nursing? Are you feeling the need to distance yourself from something that once meant so much? If so, Rediscover the Joy of Being a Nurse: A Holistic Approach to Recovery from Compassion Fatigue can offer both mundane and holistic tools to assist you in reconnecting with and sustaining a sense of joy in practicing nursing.

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2 thoughts on “New Book: Rediscover the Joy of Being A Nurse by Phyllis S. Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC

  1. “Rediscover the Joy of Being a Nurse” is a very inspirational and heartwarming book about what it means to be a nurse and how to recover from compassion fatigue. Nurses are some of the most hard-working caretakers in the field yet I find people constantly abusing them or belittling their efforts and role in healthcare. I think for all nurses who are exhausted and overworked, Quinlan has written a book to help you recover and rediscover why you entered the field in the first place. I found the anecdotes in each chapter very poignant and the self-care exercises were very well-written and thought out. From a psychological point of view, this book offers some very solid advice. Great read. Thank you.

  2. As having worked in a medical facility I have witnessed the magic, power and compassion of nurses. I was often in awe of their strength and total dedication, going beyond the limits for the patients. I also have seen the pressures and exhaustion they faced and saw many on the verge of a breakdown and yet they maintained their professional state.
    The emotions and demons are real and this book is a real eye opener and made me look at it in a whole different light. They not only have the patients to care for, but dealing with distraught family members, who yes only want the best for their loved ones but take the anger out on the care giver. They have doctors to handle and other co workers and everyone seems to think they have endless abilities.
    This book is truly a necessity for everyone who is in this career. It shows wonderful techniques and ideas to bring yourself back to the world you love and also shows you are not alone in what fears you face. Do not be afraid to reach out for help, the edge is too easy to tumble over.
    It is written wonderfully and easy to read and understand. The author Phyllis S. Quinlan is an amazing woman and her true compassion and caring for others comes through every word. It is clear she put a lot of time and herself into this book. I recommend it with my highest regards and believe it will help so many people who are caregivers. It will remind you why you chose this path to begin with.

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