The View Apologizes: Invite Nurses from NYU to Share What Nurses Really Do


We invited the dedicated professionals from the New York University School of Nursing to share firsthand what these hardworking nurses do on a daily basis.


5 thoughts on “The View Apologizes: Invite Nurses from NYU to Share What Nurses Really Do

  1. I felt this apology was not sincere. The cast still poked fun at what nurses actually do. I can’t wait to take care of Joy, when she is critically injured, and tell her jokes about caring for her in her time of need.

    1. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.
      While many nurses can do what they do with half a brain engaged, they could not even take the time to investigate the basics of a nurse’s role AND the fact that a lot of the time it’s the doctors who are walking around with a nurse’s stethoscope – before they ran off with their silly and foolish chattering. What meaningful purpose does that show serve anyway?

  2. Well I guess the network realized that they offended 3.4 million viewers (nurses) and their family and friends. That right there is enough to ruin their ratings. Which in my opion is a wonderful idea. No it was not sincere. It was a “wow we messed up so now you need to say your sorry”. They still didn’t get across the impact of what we do. Let’s face it we are an outspoken group because that is what our profession calls for is an outspoken person willing to fight for what is right for our patients.
    Sad. Very sad 5 minute apology.

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