11 Leadership Qualities of Nelson Mandela A Guest Post by Skipp Richard

Qualities of an Extraordinary Leader

Nelson Mandela demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities:

  1. He was a man of peace.
  2. He had a powerful presence and disarmed enemies with his smile.
  3. He showed the world what forgiveness looks like.
  4. He was positive, thinking about what could be.
  5. He was a visionary and could see the big picture.
  6. He was focused on goals and a mission beyond himself.
  7. He had remarkable endurance.
  8. He showed grit and determination.
  9. He was humble.
  10. He was full of hope, not hate.
  11. He was patient.

Describing who he was and what he did is powerful.  Perhaps, even more important, was what he didn’t do.

He held no bitterness.

He did not seek revenge.

He did not seek self-glory.

He didn’t hide his faults or failings.

Aspiring leaders everywhere should take the time to study this man, his accomplishments, and the characteristics that helped mold a country and the world.

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