Leonard Nimoy’s Life Offers a Lesson on Legacy Guest Post by Isaura Gonzalez, Psy.D.

The death of Leonard Nimoy, yesterday, struck a chord with me as I am sure it has for millions of fans. It brought back memories of me having to hold the antennae up so that my brother could see his favorite show, Star Trek, without static! This led me to fall in love with the show and its characters, Spock included. So, believe it or not, I am a huge trekkie. Aside from the fond memories, his passing makes me stop and wonder about legacies.

Leonard Nimoy was a legacy even in life; from his distinguishable voice, to his look, to how we best identified him as: “Spock”. But he was so much more than that. Many may not know that he was a photographer, director, writer, musician, pilot aside from being what we loved him for, an actor. He lived his life leaving his marks on society and on those who he inspired, mentored, and had direct relationships with.

So, I sit here and wonder about our legacies. I work tirelessly everyday helping others create their optimal lives and their legacies. I truly believe that we are all here trying to make our mark on society. From the blogs we posts, to the articles we write to the speeches we make, the work we do and even through our children. How is it that we can optimize our lives to lead them to their fullest as Mr. Nimoy so gallantly did? He made it seem flawless as if one success followed the other as notes in music do. But he handled his own demons, his own weaknesses but those truly never stopped him.

What made him pursue his optimal life? What made him so successful? What made him be the man that we are all talking about today? Isn’t that what we all want in some secret kind of way and for some of us, not so secret a way?

Legacies are what lives are made of; they are filled with hopes, dreams, and expectations. Legacies don’t just happen; they don’t materialize out of nowhere. There is perseverance, determination, goals, relentless pursuit and yes, even pain. Let’s look at how Mr. Nimoy lived his life. His passion for photography endured his whole life starting during childhood using a rebuilt camera he did himself. Now that’s dedication. He went back to school to study photography as an adult and produced work that was shown in galleries and museums. His acting career spanned 62 years with over 100 works. His other pursuits were also impressive, to say the least.

His accomplishments leaves one awestruck, at least they have left me. They inspire me to continue working to create my legacy, to not give up on my pursuits, to boldly go where no man has gone before or in my case woman. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) I better than most, because of the work I do, understand that legacies must be cultivated and nurtured but also action-oriented.

To create a legacy, we need to have transformation; transformation that helps us evolve from who we are today to what we can and will become tomorrow, to understand that what we evolve tomorrow will not be who we will be the rest of our lives, although the core of who we are remains intact. Our legacies must be ever evolving as Mr. Nimoy’s life was.

I hope that his life and my words will inspire you to create your legacy today. Don’t wait. Small accomplishments lead to great things; the work that you do, the people that you touch, the lives that you change become all part of your legacy.

Here is a simple way of getting us started on our legacies:

We must not just dream, WE MUST ACT.

We must not just expect, WE MUST PLAN.

We must not just hope, WE MUST COMMIT.

So, what will your legacy be? What do you hope others will remember about your contributions, your life?

Today, for me, it is this message that I share with all of you. To Mr. Nimoy, thank you for sharing your life, your legacy with us. To all of you, I ask, how will you LIVE LONG AND PROSPER?

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