How to Live a Positive Life in a Negative World Guest Post by Iamthelawofattraction

How to live a positive life in a negative world

How to live a positive life in a negative world?    ………Staying positive can be extremely hard especially in todays world, where 99% of us are living in the human rat race. Why is it hard for the 99% of people, simple because it is hard to stay positive when your life sucks. But you have to follow the law of attraction and it is simple you can not live a positive life with a negative mind. We need to wipe the slate clean reprogramme the brain and reboot with positive thoughts and feelings.

Our brains are more likely to seek out negative information and store it quickly to memory than positive information. So basically we have been tuned to doing this to our brain from the day we were born. I will answer How to live a positive life in a negative world.

How to live a positive life in a negative world

Why? Because we live in a negative world, Our media is negative, you get up in the morning turn on the tv and the morning news is telling you how many people died in a car crash, how children in a school have been shot and even how shit the weather is going to be that day. All before you have even eaten your breakfast. All this negative is being stored and setting you up for to attract more negative. Our newspapers are the same, death notices, how parents have abused their kids etc and the radio is just the same. So we have to live a positive life in a negative world.

I am going to give you some steps on how to stay positive each day. These tips are the tips I used when every day I was getting up in a mood because I was in debt and could not escape the human rat race. I was working the dead end job and life was dull and a struggle, but I changed my thoughts and reprogrammed my brain and I can show you the same.

Express Gratitude: To help your brain store positive events, reflect on what you’re grateful for. We must be grateful in order to attract more things to be grateful for. When I was using this process I would be grateful for having my son and being able to spend time with him. I would be grateful for my beautiful wife and how I was blessed with my family. I was grateful for the house I had and the car I drove. I was grateful for the food I had to eat. I was grateful for my health and being allowed to stay on the earth for as long as I have. I was grateful for the birds singing outside and the people in my life. I done this every morning when I woke and before I slept at night. This was a change in my thought because those two times where the times I was thinking of my debt and job and all the negative things. So I reprogrammed the brain to be positive and the first step be grateful.

Meditate: I love to meditate as it gives me such a positive feeling and a great outcome. I try and spend at least half an hour each day meditating. Sometimes we all just need a mental break and meditation can be very simple. Go into a quiet and comfortable space. Relax your muscles and close your eyes.Take a deep, long breath and slowly exhale. Keep doing this and think happy and positive thoughts. Think about the goals you have in life and where you want to be. Reflect on all the great things in your life and all the great experiences you have had. This helps you clear your mind and feel better.

We all struggle from time to time some more than others. But be kind to yourself . Your not alone. You are important no matter what challenges come your way or how hard you struggle. Always remember that you matter and stay positive. You will make a difference in your life and the lives of others. You will overcome your struggle. Staying positive in any situation sets up a great mind set and keeps you on the right path.

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So we have answered the question How to live a positive life in a negative world? I hope it as helped you life a more positive life.


Remember stay positive


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