It’s not the big things in life that satisfies us, but the small that places happiness into our hearts. It’s acts such as someone buying us a cup of coffee, saying hi to us, and feeling the sun that brightens our day. But when we allow materials obsessions to cloud our minds due to advertisements and we start comparing our lives to other people, we start questioning ourselves. We wonder if having an expensive car, giant house, or more money will bring us happiness. We then doubt what real happiness is and as a result, develop a fast case of bitterness.

We may not have a love partner, the things we want, or the lifestyle we desire, but if we only examined those facts, it would depressed even the happiest person in the world. A personal issue that used to bitter my heart was being aware I didn’t have a girlfriend, and i would gaze at the crowds of couples surrounding me. I live in a family oriented neighborhood, and it was never difficult to be reminded about my dateless life.

So rather than focusing on the outer layers of other people lives or what will satisfy our own, let’s take a new approach. Don’t envy or yearn, but hold patience and look at what we already have. That way, we’ll be able to focus on our goals, which in turn, will bring those other desires into our lives. To start of with the 7 small truths that will bring you happiness:

1. Accept what and who you are: Rather than trying to impress everyone, discover yourself first. We wear masks so often to blend in with the crowds we eventually forget what our original mask was. We question our identities and what values we could share with the world. We may not be perfect, but that’s okay.

By knowing who you are, what your desires are, and where you want to be in life, it’ll  be the first step to making others opinions less bothersome. Once you know who you are, it’s okay to change so long it’s what you want to do versus what the world wants. If you find happiness in music, look into it even if no one else agrees.

Once we accept ourselves, it gives us a new aspect of life, allowing us to see everything in a new light. Everyone’s journey to self-acceptance will start differently, but it will always start in areas we’re not comfortable with. It could be your looks, voice, desires, or personality. Whatever it is, rather than hiding it, reveal it so you could naturally attract the people who are meant to be with you.

2. Fill your time with things that matter: Everything you want to achieve will require a little bit of your attention and time. Whatever activity our mind drags to, it’s important to make it as productive as possible. In this time and age, it’s easy to be distracted by meaningless stuff that does nothing good for us. So whether it’s reading, researching, cleaning, exercising, or shopping, make sure it helps you grow into a stronger person. Learn something from it.

The more productive activities you do that points towards your goals, the easier and faster you’ll acquire them. From time to time, it’s healthy to do something that releases stress and allows us to forget our goals, but never make a habit out of it. Treat that sort of leisure time as we would if we wanted to eat unhealthy or over drink.

3. Improve yourself daily: When changing our life for the best, we’re already aware this won’t be an overnight process. It requires a lot of work, effort, and patience to achieve our goals. Improving ourselves daily doesn’t have to point towards our ultimate goals. Make small life changes such as maintaining a positive attitude, helping others, and learning to stop procrastinating.

There’s many areas we could improve on, and by applying these changes daily we’ll notice significant improvements later on. One of the habits I learned after practicing daily was learning how to smile to strangers rather than avoiding them. Giving someone a smile boosts up their attitudes because it shows the natural kindness of strangers.

So whatever area you decide to work on, make small adjustments daily. This exercise provides you with positive thinking about your abilities due to experiences and knowledge. You won’t be intimidated by other people remarks because you will know your skills.

4. Relax and enjoy yourself: After a long period of stressing our minds and bodies about the complexity of life, it’s necessary to have a break. It might be difficult and for some, terrifying, to leg go and relax because they’re in the working zone. But such as a machine that occasionally needs to be turned off, our bodies need a relaxation to recharge itself.

Whether it’s taking a nap, watching television, or playing video games, find an activity which sends your mind away from reality and let your thoughts roam free. Some people prefer activities such as yoga or meditation, which lowers their level of stress. So long as you perform an activity that brings you joy and peace of mind, relaxation will be the key to recharging your mental focus.

5. Take baby steps: When we teach a child to stand on their feet we don’t immediately expect them to sprint afterwards. It takes time and practice before they learn to balance themselves on their toes. Such as children, we shouldn’t rush towards anything because it’s likely we won’t receive the expectation we desire.

We want to reach our goals within the first day, week, month, or year, but the longer we hold onto those thoughts, the more tired we become along our journey. This is what eventually tires a person out and quit. When chasing for something, use effective strategies to plan your journey. A plan just doesn’t give you an overview of where you want to be, but allows you to reflect what you’re really saying to yourself.

For example, if someone wanted to lose ten pounds, they should write their plan out rather than just letting it go to thoughts. If a person only wrote they wanted to run for thirty minutes a day, but continues eating the same unhealthy foods, they shouldn’t expect any major changes anytime soon. This simple, yet effective strategy will give you small victories everyday as you build consistency and achievements.

6. Train your faith and beliefs: Keeping hold of a faith isn’t the same as keeping hold of a wish. We wish for things all the time, but a small part of our brains knows it won’t happen. It’s just a random thought we think to ourselves daily. But with faith, we hold onto a belief that stays inside our hearts and reminds us what we want out of life. It’s gives us a blind guarantee on what’s true and it’s nearly impossible to change our way of thought.

The stronger a person holds onto faith, the more it defines them. Without it, we would hold only to ourselves and that could only lead us so far. Holding faith goes even further than the beliefs in ourselves. It’s holding hope towards humanity and in God because it allows us to look at the bigger picture in life. If we only stuck to our values, it makes life difficult. We grow from others as they grow from us. Without faith towards anything, we live as hallow shells with no dreams or goals.

7. Forgive and let go: The definition of forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts towards someone. Besides being one of the most powerful actions you could do for your physiology and spirituality, forgiveness is a poison that needs to be removed.

Hatred towards someone is a self-inflicted wound because it always hurts us more than the person we’re bitter against. When we don’t forgive someone and hold a grudge due to disappointment, betrayal, or worse, we have a pain in our hearts that’s difficult to let go and in the process, makes life miserable.

Studies have shown that the act of forgiving helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart pain; but it’s important to forgive someone due to greater reasons. It releases us from an emotional bondage that straps us down. If you’re struggling with forgiving someone, it won’t be easy, but try expressing those emotions towards someone close to you and understand what you could do to let those feelings go. From there, you could proceed on your path of greatness.

 READ MORE: http://www.michaelgregoryii.com/2014/12/19/7-small-truths-bring-happiness/


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