The Art of Nursing: Reconnect With the Nurse Within

Dearest Readers
This coming Nurse’s Week,(May 6th) I’m speaking as part of an exciting new event called the Art of Nursing. It’s a four-day series bringing together 12 extraordinary nurse pioneers to share their thoughts on how we can bring back the art of nursing – that healing presence and patient-focused practice first envisioned by Florence Nightingale.
I know how passionate you are about the nursing profession, so I wanted to personally invite you to join us and explain how you can register.
How it Works
The Art of Nursing begins on Tuesday, May 6th and runs through Friday, May 9th. Each day, 3-pre-recorded, video interviews with presenters like me, will be “unlocked” for you to watch, download and keep.
These interviews will be filled with fresh insights on topics such as self-care and stress management for nurses, how to reignite the love for your career, and how to remain mindful and present amid the new technologies being introduced into our work.
The Faculty
The Art of Nursing is organized by Elizabeth Scala, herself a nurse educator, speaker, and author. She’s gathered together 12 fantastic and forward-thinking women to share their knowledge and expertise with you.
In addition to yours truly, interviewees include an awesome array of nurse entrepreneurs, international speakers, authors, certified wellness coaches, and even an award-winning filmmaker. You can see the full list of faculty here (, but trust me when I say that you’re guaranteed to learn something invaluable from this group and never again will you get access to them all in one place!
What You Get
 12 Video interviews and their audio-only companions (all downloadable)
 The Art of Nursing workbook – filled with additional tools and resources from our speakers
 Access to both the Art of Nursing Facebook and Linkedin groups both of them made up of nurses from around the globe
Your Investment and How to Register
You can register for the Art of Nursing via the links below:
 Student rate: $95.00.
 Individual rate: $150.00
 Organizational rate*: $3,500.00
*Organizations include hospitals/wellness centers and nursing schools, associations, and organizations. The fee of $3,500 covers registration costs for all of your staff; however, your individual staff members will still need to “register” so they get the daily emails during the event.)
If you have any questions or difficulty registering, you can email I’d love to have your presence during my presentation and hope you can join us

Join me for a special #NursesWeek event – the #artofnursing

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