Nurses, Three Ways to Clear Energy Blocks Guest Posting by Elizabeth Scala

I had the privilege of speaking at theMid-Atlantic Reiki conference this weekend. One of the statements made struck me as so profound: In healthcare we’ve got all of the tools. We’re educated about the body. We’ve got the information about illness, disease, and what behaviors can help prevent it. We ‘know’ all that we need to know. And yet we’re still missing something

My universal law teacher speaks about Newtonian Physics versus Quantum Physics. Without getting overloaded with science here, Newtonian Physics is how we’ve been historically practicing medicine and approaching healthcare. On the other hand, Quantum Physics and the fact that everything is made up of energy, could be a direction that will shift and ultimately heal the limited thinking of the current model.

If I’ve lost you, no worries, let’s bring this back to the physical plain, grounded in what we can comprehend and apply.

It’s all about energy.

Everything is made up of energy- your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, and even your physical body. So if every thought is energy then negative thought is also energy. What’s worse: negative thought is energy that can become stuck in the body. Negative thought stuck in the body becomes an energy block.

As a nurse, what’s happening to me?

Your energy is depleted. You keep pushing harder and harder. You continue to add more to your plate. This constant go-go-go can leave you feeling drained. But what’s that exhaustion really all about?

That tired feeling you experience is simply a symptom of dis-ease.

Your energy is blocked on a deeper level. Something beneath your physical body is crying out for help. It may be something you’re aware of but, more likely, it’s something you’re not even conscious to.

What can you do?

Well, for one thing you don’t need more information! You certainly don’t need to be educated or taught how to live a healthy lifestyle. You’ve been told over and over and you’re probably sick of all of the self-care talk.

And those people telling you how to be healthy- who do they think they are? You’re a nurse! You’ve learned this stuff; you’re an expert; you teach your patients every day about healthy versus unhealthy and what to do about it all!

You don’t need to learn how to be healthy; you just need the space to allow healthy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the time to just let loose and have some fun?

Here are two ways and one invitation to enjoying yourself and your health a bit more in order to unblock and clear that stagnant, stuck energy:

  • SMILE! Smile when you get up in the morning; smile before you go to sleep. Feel your smile inside and out, allowing every cell of your body to smile with joy. Start with a smile on your face and see if you can move it deeper and deeper into the body. I’m forever grateful to Coach Betty for inviting me to discover my whole body smile and I use it every day.
  • BREATHE! Have you ever caught yourself with your shoulders around your ears? You’re so tense that you’re body aches from the tightness of stress. One way to let go of that constricted sensation is to breathe slow, long, and deep into the belly. Inhale and exhale slow and controlled several times throughout your day.
  • JOIN US! Want to know what one of my core values is? FUN! And while I’ve been enjoying building my business, learning new things, and taking on new projects it hasn’t always provided joy. I noticed, “You know what? I’m forcing, pushing, and ‘doing’ too much. It’s time to have some FUN!” That’s where Music Movement & Mood comes in! When you join me in my upcoming course, you will learn how to reconnect with your core values. Through harmonizing and tapping into your own inner energy you will enjoy mind-body shifts, an uplifted mood, and so much more. This course will integrate movement, music, mantra and meditation to allow you to heal, balance, and grow in a fun and easy way.

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