Happiness and Nursing Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Nurse Keith Marks the Beginning of Fall!

Happy fall, everyone! Well, the summer has met its match, and the Autumn Equinox has come and gone. So, the days now grow cooler and shorter as we begin the movement towards the winter season. I hope your summer was lovely, and I hope that your fall has begun with ease and grace.

Personally speaking, my summer was challenging on several levels, and I’m looking forward to my own sense of ease and grace as the autumn continues to ripen.

It was chilly as I left the house this morning, and I luckily haven’t needed to scrape my windshield–yet! Driving to my client’s home for my 8-hour home care shift, I wore gloves and a warm hat until my truck warmed up enough to be comfortable without them.

Soon enough, the aspens on the mountains above Santa Fe will begin to turn their golden hues, and many of us will flock up the Ski Basin road in order to walk among the glowing trees. I look forward to those crisp October days when the incredible blue sky forms the perfect backdrop for the aspens’ splendor.

Happiness and Nursing Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Recently on Digital Doorway, I wrote a blog post about the notion that nursing and happiness are not mutually exclusive, but many nurses seem to experience them as being just that! Here’s the introduction:

Many recent clients who have come to me for coaching are curious how to actually get what they want. Sometimes it seems we nurses are simply convinced that we need to work too hard for too many hours without being happy. This seems like a given in the profession, and some nurses see no way to create satisfaction and balance in their personal and professional lives. So is it possible to be happy as a nurse?

I’ve been a nurse since 1996, and I’ve been relatively happy for most of my career. I say that I’ve been “relatively” happy because I experienced burnout approximately 10 years into my career, and that turning point was the moment where I was no longer willing to sacrifice my happiness and well-being for the sake of my “noble” profession.

Does any of this ring true for you? Do you want to be happy in your life while being a nurse but sometimes find the two not wholly compatible? Click here to read the rest of this relatively brief post, and see if it brings up anything for you that perhaps you’d like to share with me in private, or you can leave a comment on the post itself.

Nurses deserve to be happy in both their professional and personal lives, and no one ever said that we couldn’t have both. So let’s put our heads together on how to manifest that level of happiness and satisfaction for ourselves and our colleagues.

Fall Into Balance

If you’re interested in striking more balance between your personal life and your work as a nurse (or a nurse entrepreneur), perhaps a coaching session or two could help guide you in the right direction.

So, tell you what. For the first two people who send me a brief statement (maybe 250-500 words) regarding what areas of their lives they want to work on this fall, I will offer each of those two respondents two coaching sessions for the price of one! Just email your statement to kc@nursekeith.com and you may soon be on the receiving end of two coaching sessions with me for the price of a single session!

How’s that for moving towards balance and well-being?

The NNBA, RN.FM Radio and Orlando!

As most of you know, my RN.FM Radio co-host, Kevin Ross and I will be heading to Orlando next week to attend the National Nurses in Business Association annual conference. We’ll be speaking on the topic of cross-pollination and collaboration among nurses and nurse entrepreneurs, and we’ll also be tweeting, Facebooking and otherwise engaging in live social media interaction throughout the weekend.

If you’d like to come to Orlando with us, we are still sponsoring several conference registrations for earnest nurses who want to learn more about nurse entrepreneurship and business, so email me if you’d like to be able to attend without paying the cost of the conference registration. It’s a savings of $399 for you, and you have everything to gain by attending!

Conversely, if you can’t make it to Orlando but want to tune into the weekend’s events, follow the #NNBA2013 hashtag on Twitter and Google+ to see what we’re posting, which will include videos, photos, interviews and updates from both the presenters and the attendees. You can also check the RN.FM Radio Facebook page. This way, you can virtually “attend” the NNBA conference without really attending at all (but being there would certainly be the best way to learn and network with your fellow nurses).

So, I’m sending you wishes for good health, satisfying work, and a lovely fall as we begin preparations for the holidays and the winter season to come.

All the best,

Nurse Keith

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