I came across your blog and really identified with a lot of your writing

Hi Phyllis,

I came across your blog and really identified with a lot of your writing.   My name is Cameron Von St. James and I was thrown into the role of caregiver when my wife, Heather was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly cancer called mesothelioma, just three months after the birth of our only child.  We were initially told that she could have less than 15 months to live, but she was able to defy the odds and eventually beat the cancer.  During her treatment, I had to learn quickly to be an effective caregiver, and there were many times when I became overwhelmed and beaten down by the role, but we managed to fight through it together.  We recently participated in a short video about my wife’s cancer experience, which we hope to use to raise awareness and support for people fighting illness, and the caregivers who fight alongside them. Here is the link to the video:  http://can.cr/heather

I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing this video on your blog?  I’d love to share our message of hope with your readers who might take something away from it.  Please take a moment to watch it, and let me know if you think it’s something you’d be interested in sharing on your blog.

Thanks so much for your help!

Who Heals The Healers? Soul Talk with Nancy SantoPietro

“Soul Talk” Series #2 Presents

Who Heals The Healers?

Presented by Nancy “Andie” SantoPietro

Calling All Nurses, Body Workers, Acupuncturists, Therapists, Healers, Counselors, Teachers, Family Caregivers, Helping Professionals

 and those of us who are here in the service of others… 

Although it’s a most incredible time to be alive on the planet… in creating this new world today we also have had to walk through the sense of unbearable shifts and very confusing changes!   But for those of you who have been on the front lines of caring and held specific lifelong “service contracts” to assist others; it has been especially challenging! 

For years, you had to put your own personal work (and life) on the back burner while first making sure that “everyone else got safely on to the lifeboat”!  As you each begin to turn the focus on yourself – many are wondering if that… boat has left without them? 

Are you questioning your life’s work as a human service provider?

Trying to figure out your new role on the planet today? 

This workshop will address:

  • The “bigger picture” of what is happening on the planet and how it is impacting you directly
  • Tools needed to function in this new reality
  • How to re-purpose your work and check for “expiration dates” on your original service contract
  • Help you identify/transmute the belief systems that are limiting your movements forward and gumming up the works!
  • Learn how to shift out from the craziness and find your new place in this rapidly changing landscape!

         Dates:            Sunday, June 23, 2013

         Location:        META Center- 214 West 29th Street NYC 10001 16th floor

         Time:              10AM- 4PM 

          Fee:               $150 — $25 off ($125) if you register by June 3rd!    

To RegisterContact Diane Hoffmann at NSP&A. Inc. 

nsanpietro@aol.com or call 718-256-2640

Space Limited: Email or Call to Reserve Your Seat ASAP!! 


Nancy “Andie” SantoPietro is an internationally known Feng Shui Expert, Lightworker & Author of Best Sellers, Feng Shui: Harmony By Design and Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of a Home. 

She lectures worldwide, including such venues  as NYC Open Center and the Omega Institute