The Tao Te Ching: Verse Seventy-Seven

The Tao of Heaven is like drawing a bow
Lower that which is high; raise that which is low
Reduce that which has excess; add to that which is lacking

The Tao of heaven reduces the excessive and adds to the lacking. The Tao of people is not so. It reduces the lacking in order to offer to the excessive

Who can offer their excess to the world? Only those who have the Tao
Therefore sages act without conceit; achieve without claiming credit
They do not wish to display their virtue!

                                                                                                                          Lao Tzu

I believe these words from the Ta Te Ching are a tribute to the Virtue of Generosity found within all caregivers. I have said this often but it bears repeating. The ability to be a caregiver is not common. Caring is a special quality of a person’s character that enables a them to mobilize their compassionate nature into action. It is the highest form of generosity.

Family and professional caregivers not only give of their time and energy but they are often most generous with the knowledge they’ve gained through their experience. They share freely. They teach. They strive to make caring sustainable.

You see at the core of each caregiver is an energetic vibration in profound synchronization with the Tao. They get it! We are each a citizen of the Great Oneness; energetic siblings of the Universe. We intuitively know that what affects one affects us all. Our caring is not just what we do; it is a vital piece of who we are and what makes our time here on earth meaningful.



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