The Tao Te Ching: Verse Seventy-Four

People do not fear death
How can they be threatened with death?
If people are made to constantly fear death
Then those who act unlawfully
I can capture and kill them
Who would dare?
There exists a master executioner that kills
If we substitute for the master executioner to kill
It is like substituting for the great carpenter to cut
Those who substitute for the great carpenter to cut
It is rare that they do not hurt their own hands

                                                                                          Lao Tzu

In this seventy-fourth verse of the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu uses the word death as a metaphor for Change. There are very few individuals who can claim to actually welcome change. Those who do are most likely finding themselves at a point where the reality of their situation is unmanageable or unbearable and the possibility of change is viewed as a welcomed relief or even salvation. However for most, trying to maintaining the status quo is a desired but futile goal.

This is especially true of Caregivers whether we realize it or not. Each time we step in and try to fix something we are saying, wait, wait…I can put this back to the way it was. We turn a blind eye to reality of Impermanence and cling to the illusion that we have the ability or power to restore order.

What if we actually let things fall apart. What would happen, Chaos? Life would continue. It may not be in the manner envisioned but it would continue.  It is our fear of the unknown or not having what we think is control that fuels us to rage against the inevitable and torture ourselves. If we stopped and took a fresh look we would realize that chaos (change) is not the absence of organization but a natural process of evolution resulting in the restructuring of what is known into that yet unseen or understood.

The challenge is to change your belief system around the issue that you do not want to change. The tighter you hold on, the greater your battle with your demons. Wouldn’t it be better to see how things reorder themselves and align our efforts with the new reality? Open yourself to the possibility that the change process is a breakthrough to the next chapter of your life and you can transmute fear into an adventure.

“Fear is truth just slightly ahead of itself” Nancy SantoPietro

Renowned Feng Shui Expert/Vibrational Energy Healer/Teacher/Author

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