The Tao Te Ching: Verse Seventy-One

To know that you do not know is highest
To not know but think you know is flawed

Only when one recognizes the fault as a fault
can one be without fault

The sages are without fault
Because they recognize the fault as a fault
That is why they are without fault

                                                                           Lao Tzu

The words of wisdom encourage you to do all you can to stay open to the wonders of this Universe. Pay attention. Walk through your day awake and aware. Notice the synergy. Be mindful of the linkages; the subtle undertones that weave us all together. Celebrate that there are no coincidences; just an unfathomable plan unfolding. Let go of your neurotic self and acknowledge the infinite greatness all around you. Strive to know what you do not know.

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