The Tao Te Ching: Verse Sixty

Ruling a large country is like cooking a small fish
Using the Tao to manage the world
Its demons have no power
Not only do its demons have no power
Its gods do not harm people

Not only do its gods not harm people
The sages also do not harm people
They both do no harm to one another
So virtue merges and returns

                                                                         Lao Tzu

The profound teaching of the Sixtieth Verse of the Tao Te Ching is to be very mindful when you are in a position of power. Discernment is the key competency. Unless there is a threat of creating a situation that is potentially/actually harmful to others, surround your decisions with space = patience.

Refuses to engage in unproductive conversation aimed at confusing your message and depleting your energy and better judgment; rather make negotiation, partnership and cooperation your mantra. This approach can never ensure reciprocal actions on the part of others but you must accept that the only mindset you can truly control is your own.

To the degree possible, resist being provoked. Maintain your health and spirit. Monitor your level of fatigue. Ensure that you gift yourself the renewing vitality that mediation (quieting your mind) can offer. If you see yourself as connected to the community of souls, it is difficult to do anyone intentional harm; for you realize, what is aimed at one affects all.

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