The Tao Te Ching: Verse Forty-Seven

Without going out the door, know the world
Without peering out the window, see the Heavenly Tao
The further one goes
The less one knows

Therefore the sage
Knows without going
Names without seeing
Achieves without striving

                                                                    Lao Tzu

In this verse of the Tao, Lao Tzu is asking us to never forget that all we really need is contained inside of each of us and that we need  not torture ourselves with the relentless search of joy and contentment in the outside world. The sources of our Discontent (craving and clinging to attachments) are contained within, and so are the answers to the relief from that self-imposed Suffering/Discontent.

The inspired proses of Lao Tzu have guided me to write much on the need for professional and family caregivers to participate in meditation and gentle introspection as a means to be in touch with personal truths. Self-awareness is vital but the process should not be taken to the point of getting in the way of your own joy. The goal of all this invaluable self-work is to open you to the magic of living from your heart; not to mandate you to over think each thought and deed and box you up in your head.

Life can certainly be challenging but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we often make it. The payoff for all the time spent on understanding yourself and accepting that you are basically good is for you to cash in on your birthright to be at peace with yourself.

Make time to participate and enjoy the world around you. Turn off the TV, put down the device and just take in the simple joys. Seek simple pleasures. Practice random acts of kindness. Think ice cream. Be happy now. Slow down and breathe.



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