The Tao Te Ching: Verse Twenty-One


The appearance of great virtue
Follows only the Tao
The Tao, as a thing
Seems indistinct, seems unclear

So unclear, so indistinct
Within it there is image
So indistinct, so unclear
Within it there is substance
So deep, so profound
Within it there is essence

Its essence is supremely real
Within it there is faith
From ancient times to the present
Its name never departs
To observe the source of all things
How do I know the nature of the source?
With this

                                                      Lao Tzu

The Tao is the essence of all things. It is the Essential Universal Energy. It is unseen, formless and unimaginable.  It cannot be created or destroyed. However, as sentient beings, we are blessed with the ability to be conscience of its presence.

We take on a physical form (body) when we incarnate into this world so that we can live within this reality and walk our Path. However, our nature is also energy (Chi), formless and unseen. To resonate with this Essential Universal Energy means to remove or at least limit any blockages to our ability to receive the energetic vibrations coming from the Universe. This then allows us to flow and feel aligned and a part of the Great Oneness.

We are slowly beginning to realize that Western approaches to staying healthy and managing the potential for disease only addresses our physical bodies and therefore, falls short of having all the answers in a very fundamental way. It does not acknowledge thereby, it does not provide any remedies for issues with our energetic selves.

I have practiced nursing for 34 years and I am far from ready to turn my back on all my education and training in Western healthcare. However, I am more than ready to say that focusing solely on the physical body is akin to doing a physical assessment on someone while the person is fully clothed. You are bound to overlook some vital findings rendering your plan of care incomplete and inadequate.

The message from the twenty-first verse of the Tao to professional and family caregivers is to be as mindful of our wondrous Energetic Nature. Embrace that human beings are far more than what is just seen (body). A human being’s unseen (energetic) nature must be kept in synchronized vibration (healthy) with the Universe if any approach to wellness is going to be truly effective.

Western practitioners often hesitate to endorse these methods for a variety of professional, ethical and legal reasons. However, I assure you that no right thinking Energetic practitioner would encourage anyone to go have acupuncture rather than take Insulin for the treatment of diabetes or do yoga rather than take antihypertensive medication. Being mindful of the energetic qualities of a human being means supplementing conventional methods with Complimentary methods which result in treating body, mind, and spirit (energy).

While it is tempting to start to attend programs to learn how to incorporate Energetic Healing methods into what you are currently doing; I implore you to go slow. Explore Feng Shui and all that balancing your Chakras can offer. Study Reiki and learn how to blend Bach Remedies but dearest caregiver; let yourself be cared for first. Feel the benefit of including Eastern approached to wellness into your daily life. Get stronger and more settled into the Flow of things before you try to offer these gifts to others. You will find yourself more ground and therefore more available to be therapeutic.

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