The Tao Te Ching: Verse Fourteen

Look at it, it cannot be seen It is called colorless
Listen to it, it cannot be heard It is called noiseless
Reach for it, it cannot be held It is called formless
These three cannot be completely unraveled
So they are combined into one

Above it, not bright
Below it, not dark
Continuing endlessly, cannot be named
It returns back into nothingness
Thus it is called the form of the formless
The image of the imageless
This is called enigmatic
Confront it, its front cannot be seen
Follow it, its back cannot be seen

Wield the Tao of the ancients
To manage the existence of today
One can know the ancient beginning
It is called the Tao Axiom

                                                                                   Lao Tzu

In Verse Fourteen Lao Tzu poses this question; how can we know the Oneness of All Things (The Tao)? How does someone begin to try to understand the magnificence of something that cannot be seen, cannot be heard, and has no shape? Imagine trying to comprehend that which has no beginning and no end, that is; the indefinable vastness of eternity. Clearly, our five mundane senses fail us at this time. One cannot truly know the Tao without first using your energetic sixth sense (Your Intuition) to feel its presence.

The Tao is the origin of the Universal Energy (Chi) that vibrates within each of us and unites us to Source. Studying the wisdom expressed within the Tao Te Ching infused us with the knowledge needed to enable that Universal Energy (Chi) to flow freely within each of us while it also forms an energetic world wide web that binds us all.

Each of us holds the vibrational energy of his/her Chi in their aura. The aura is an extension of our unique energetic selves. With practice, each of us is able to perceive the aura of another. Notice I did not say see another person’s aura, I said sense it. While some individuals are able to actually see auras, this is not as common as being able to pick up on the “Vib” of another person and know if it is strong or weak, bright or dull, light or dense.

Staying present and open allows you to communicate with this field of life energy that exists around every living thing, plants, animals, and person. Try to take time to be in nature. It is here that you begin to access your connection to the Oneness. It is here that you begin to slowly become aware and understand that you are distinct and unique but not alone. You are a vital part of an incredible whole.

When you do the inner work, you begin to create subtle shifts in your energy that move you out of struggle (suffering) and out of falling back into vibrational patterns that no longer serve you. These subtle shifts offer you glimpses of harmony and sow the seed of knowing you have the ability to be at peace with yourself, at peace with others and at one with the Tao. This potential cannot be realized and ultimately actualized without slowing down, allowing time for daily practice and listening to the wisdom that will come during quite, gentle introspection.

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